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Skate Services


The correct blade placement is key to successful figure skating. Stephanie has years of experience in mounting blades to get the perfect placement for you and your skating style.  She will even accompany you to the rink armed with her screwdriver to tweek rink side if necessary.

Blade mounting $40

Snow Seal $20

The above services are FREE when boots and blades are purchased at Edge Wise.



Precision blade sharpening is not just a science, but an art.  As a skater and parent of both a Senior Ladies skater and Russell Stovers AAA 97 hockey player, Robert Taylor has developed an appreciation for the exact demands that skaters require for precision blade sharpening.

Anyone can sharpen a skate blade, not everyone does it correctly, nor do they have the appropriate equipment.  Although blades may be created equal, skaters and their needs are not.  Blade Patrol takes into account each skaters height, weight, skill level and personal preference.

Additionally, we treat skate blades like the valuable investment that they are.  In fact, with exclusive Blade Patrol sharpenings, we guarantee your blades will make it to your next boot, or have a greater resale value.

Finally, you can be assured that with regular Blade Patrol maintenance, there will be no “adjusting” to your skate sharpening.  Your edges will be refreshed to a performance level, the moment you first skate.  Your sharpenings will forever be consistent.  And, most importantly, we save toe picks.

Trust your blades to Blade Patrol and you’ll never sharpen with anyone else.

Figure Skate Sharpening $18

Hockey Skate Sharpening $8


Sometimes your skates just need a little R&R.  Sometimes just the little things need fixing, like stripped screws, loose blades, or damaged soles.  But sometimes bigger things happen, and Edge Wise is happy to to do it all.  We can give your skates the full workup whenever they need it!

Sole Repair $20

Boot Polishing $20

The above services are FREE when boots and blades are purchased at Edge Wise.


Edge Wise takes great pride in its ability and willingness to troubleshoot any issues that customers my have.  Weather its skate discomfort or a dress that just doesn’t quite fit, owner Stephanie Brizendine and her staff will happily do everything in their power to make sure each and every customer is 100% satisfied. Stephanie has long standing relationships with boot, blade, and dress manufacturers, allowing her to cater to the needs of her clientel. No problem is too big for the Edge Wise staff!

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