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About the Skate Expert

Stephanie Burkett Brizendine, Owner and Operator

Stephanie began skating in 1974. Her first glide was in her brothers oversized black skates. Despite the bad fit, she was hooked for life. Now, some 30 plus years later,  she find herself with the same passion for the sport that she had the moment she took her first glide.

As a Skater, Coach, and Mom, Stephanie has developed an appreciation and quite frankly, a demand for the right equipment at a fair price.

Never having the opportunity to be properly fitted as a young skater introduced her to a host of foot problems that have given her a keen sense of awareness as to how to properly fit skates.  

There is no doubt that the success of any skater or skating experience depends on the proper equipment. In fact, we all have weak ankles, some just have better boots to support those weak ankles. Ice Skating is indeed an equipment driven sport. Stephanie is convinced that anyone can be an ice skater with a few key things; a proper fitting boot, proper instruction, and a healthy dose of confidence and adventure.

Edge Wise prides themselves on fitting the perfect boot and blade just for you. Whether it be your first glide or you’re working doubles and triples, Edge Wise will get it right! Moreover you can trust that you and/or your skater are in the right equipment for their ability, are comfortable, and most importantly safe from injury.

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